Trust Account Solution For Travel Businesses

The PTS trust account solution ensures complete consumer protection and full package travel regulations compliance

What is The PTS Trust Account Solution?

  1. The PTS trust account solution and insurance model offers full package travel regulation compliance.
  2. To clarify – a trust account does not restrict your business. It enhances cash management, promotes proper business trading and offers full consumer protection.
  3. The PTS trust account solution is an affordable, fully protected and malleable solution for travel businesses of all sizes.
  4. All payments are automated through the PTS travel software. Our software has been designed and built exclusively by travel professionals, and it offers an unparalleled level of support to our members.
  5. PTS work with independent trustees, who are a firm of chartered accountants. Their role is to protect the consumer against misappropriation of their money and also to ensure our members’ financial security.
  6. Protected Trust Services offer an affordable and modern alternative to bonding and financial failure insurance, whilst remaining fully compliant with package travel regulations.
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Travel Trust Account Software

Why Choose The PTS Trust Account Solution?

  1. PTS offers the fastest growing package travel regulation compliance solution in the travel industry.
  2. PTS is affordable, and most importantly, scalable. Whether you are a start-up or a large travel company PTS transaction fees will always stay the same.
  3. Monies can be released from the trust account to pay suppliers and PTS will arrange for supplier failure insurance for each passenger to ensure full package travel regulation compliance.
  4. Profits can be released early from the trust account and PTS will ensure insurance is in place for full PTR compliance.
  5. The PTS trust solution is managed by you through the PTS software solution, making the whole process quick, easy and simply a regular part of your daily business.

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