Currency Hedging at PTS

  1.  Currency hedging allows you to secure an exchange rate for your future supplier payments, so as a company, you know your margin.
  2. The margins that some travel companies work within can be quite challenging and any changes in foreign exchange rates can have a large impact on the overall profit margin
  3. PTS hold multiple currency trust accounts allowing consumer monies to be protected in your chosen currency.
  4. PTS work with currency providers to secure the lowest currency rates in the industry.

Why Choose PTS?

  1. PTS work closely with an FX provider which allows us to offer the most competitive rates in the industry, whilst allowing you to sell at a set price throughout the year
  2. PTS understand that being able to mitigate this risk at the beginning of the year and to be able to have a set cost of sales is important in the ever-changing currency market.
  3. The PTS team offer excellent support. Each member gets to know our team and you can call at any time to arrange for your monies to be moved.
  4. PTS is FCA registered and we work closely with excellent partners for currency hedging to make sure our members secure the best rates.
  5. PTS understand the needs of a travel company today. We understand the challenges of multi-currency businesses and we are available to fully support our members.

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