Travel Weekly

Our Independent Travel Agent Solution Was Featured In Travel Weekly

Juliet Denis, chief reporter from Travel Weekly, has recently interviewed Jacqui Cleaver and Daniel Landen of Protected Trust Services. This interview discussed the brand new product PTS is launching to enhance profits and expansion for experienced independent travel agents. To read the full article on Travel Weekly, please click the following link to the interview regarding our new style travel consortium launch.

Our Independent Travel Agent Solution

The PTS team have been hard at work crafting a new and modern product for independent travel agents and travel agencies. Our brand new independent travel agent solution allows travel professionals to retain all of their profits whilst paying only minimal transaction costs. Furthermore, all Protected Trust Services members have the ability to add and work with their own suppliers, as well as retaining access to PTS’ own extensive database of accredited travel suppliers. Fundamentally, we believe that it is time for travel agents to reap what they sow. The existing consortia in the market take very substantial amounts of commission. We wanted to combat this by offering experienced travel agents the opportunity to run their own business, whilst remaining fully compliant, and giving each company the capacity to retain their hard earned profits.

Our Next PTS Discovery Brunch

We are also very excited to host our first Discovery Brunch on May 21st. We have partnered with Aviate Escapes to offer a morning of learning and networking. We hope you’ll come and meet the team, as well as fellow PTS members and joiners! It’s a great event and we look forward to seeing you all there. For further details on the event, please visit our PTS Discovery Brunch page.

To discuss more about our independent travel agent solution, or for more information about our discovery brunch, please call 0207 190 9988, or email us at We look forward to hearing from you.