It was announced this week that the state of Western Australia has removed further Covid-related restrictions for travellers, including their testing requirements.  

These changes have gone into place as of midnight on Friday the 29th of April (yesterday) with Western Australia now becoming more in line with the other states in the country. Throughout the 2-year course of the pandemic, Western Australia have had some of the strictest Covid restrictions in the world.  

But from the 29th of April, travellers arriving in Western Australia can now do so without needing to take a test on arrival as long as they qualify as fully vaccinated.  

Travellers in Western Australia will also no longer need to show proof of vaccination in hospitality venues or maintain social distancing standards. The mandatory requirement to wear face masks or coverings in public venues has also been removed.  

With the only remaining requirement left for all arrivals in Western Australia to be double vaccinated, the state has now fallen in line with the requirements of the rest of Australia. This news is being greatly praised by Australia specialists in travel, airlines, and other travel businesses, with the move to make requirements simpler leaving the entirety of Australia easier to navigate for travellers.  

It was also announced that fully vaccinated travellers will no longer be required to register for the G2G travel pass when they choose to travel to Australia.  

If you want to keep up to date on travel requirements, or check what you need to travel to Australia following this announcement, we highly recommend you check out the Foreign Travel Advice page.  

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