Excellent travel news comes from one of the lovely West African countries this week as The Gambia has announced the lift of many Covid entry restrictions just in time for the winter sun holidays to begin over the winter holiday season. 

The Gambia lifted many of these restrictions just this week on Tuesday the 13th of December with the announcement coming to international travellers only a few days prior to this lift. The lift of entry restrictions in The Gambia has been reported as applicable to all international travellers regardless of country of origin or vaccination status.  

This change was confirmed on the website of a tour operator specialising in The Gambia as a winter sun destination, with other specialists excited for the change coming at the start of the season. It was also confirmed by the FCDO on the Foreign Travel Advice page around the same time and shortly after the news came about.  

According to the updates, all Covid-related entry rules for international travellers to The Gambia have now officially been lifted. This includes any requirement for proof of full vaccination status and the requirement for non-vaccinated or partially vaccinated travellers to provide evidence of a Covid test taken pre-departure.  

The FCDO confirmed this in the updated advice, which reads, “The rules that previously applied to travellers coming to The Gambia no longer apply. You are no longer required to show proof of being fully vaccinated. You are no longer required to show proof of a negative Covid-19 test.” 

It has been made aware that remaining entry rules that are not Covid-related include a mandatory airport security fee of $20 when a traveller enters and exits The Gambia. This fee is collected by marked kiosks at Banjul international airport and Visa credit cards are accepted for this transaction. It is recommended that any travellers intending to travel to The Gambia following this change in entry rules check for entry rules like this before they book or ask the travel expert they book with to ensure they are prepared for all entry restrictions, regardless of any connection to Covid.  

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