So many of us are incredibly excited about the recent lift of restrictions on the 2nd of August 2021 that allowed cruise travel again. However, it’s fair to say some will be asking about cruise covid safety. Not only this, but what covid safety measures do cruise companies have in place, and what measures should consumers consider when booking a cruise holiday in 2021? 

Many in the travel business are discussing how cruise travel could be safer and more accessible to many travellers than travelling abroad. Others have concerns, but on discussing this with a few of our cruise supplier partners, we’re delighted to see all the work and thought they are putting into ensuring their consumers can enjoy all the luxuries of their cruises, without worrying about covid troubles. 

Many cruise companies are making changes to their holidays so you can travel with complete peace of mind, and all involved will be protected each step of the way. Even the little gestures they’re making to help consumers feel just that bit safer is a great testament to the spreading excitement. 

Is It Safe to Book a Cruise During Covid?

This is probably a hard question to answer because there are pros and cons when compared with travel abroad. However, with the precautions put in place, and the dedication of the travel industry to keeping travel equal parts exciting and safe, cruise travel is relatively safe as long as all safety measures are followed. 

Some in the industry have agreed that in some ways, cruise travel is safer and more accessible to more people than travelling abroad.  

Already known as one of the most diverse and widely loved forms of travel, cruises give a lot of flexibility in 2021. Not only are many suppliers coming up with new and exciting ideas for cruise travel that keeps everyone safe, but cruises already provide everything you could possibly imagine all in one place. 

Whether you’re a family, a couple, or sailing solo, a cruise can be a fantastic holiday. And cruise companies are even more inspired than ever to create unique experiences that you won’t forget anytime soon. 

Overall, a lot of voices in travel are discussing if cruise holidays are actually a much safer way to travel during covid than many consumers suspect, and that’s part of why we’re so excited for this fun and diverse way to go on holiday has opened back up. 

How Are Suppliers Making Cruising Safer for Travellers?

Speaking to some of our partnered suppliers, it’s awesome to see all the ways that cruise companies are adapting and all the covid safety measures they’re putting in place, big and small, to make their consumers’ holidays as fun and relaxing as ever. Such gestures as Riviera Travel offering “to pay for any testing that is needed” for any bookings between August and November 2021 can make all the difference for giving consumers confidence that their well-being is equally important to these companies. 

Talking to Rachel Healey from Tradewind Voyages, she explained the “strict covid protocols” that were put in place for the summer to ensure all “guests were enjoying a voyage in an environment where strict precautions were in place to reduce their risk.”  

With an exciting adventure around the Caribbean to set sail in November 2021, Tradewind Voyages are doing all they can to build consumer confidence as the bookings become available. They have already seen “very positive feedback” from consumers and are excited to see the next leg of the journey for cruises this year. From sanitisation stations onboard all their vessels to a great crew complimented for “making [consumers’] experience safe, smooth and enjoyable despite covid restrictions,” they’re doing all they can to make sure travellers can travel safe. 

Plus, Rachel made a great point talking about, one of their cruises, Golden Horizon and how it, “boasts a large upper deck, which, being outside, saw no face masks required,” providing an excellent holiday that makes it fairly easy with the right capacity for guests to have fun without being too confined into each other’s space. 

Natalie Holder, at Hurtigruten, was also excited for the future in cruise travel in 2021 and told us about their covid safety measure plans already being put in place ready to set sail. 

“Our highest priority is the safety of our guests, our employees, and the communities we visit. We have partnered with experts in health and safety to design new protocols and procedures to be safer together as we restart our expedition operations,” Natalie said.  

She set out a clear set of requirements for Hurtigruten’s future trips to ensure that both the travellers and the staff are safe and can relax, so that the only people who are having to think about your safety while you’re on holiday, are the people there to take care of you. 

“When we restart our expedition cruises we require: proof of full Covid-19 vaccination, negative PCR test completed 72 hours prior to boarding, health and temperature check at embarkation and a negative rapid test at embarkation. 

We will continuously evaluate our health and safety procedures and update the information based on all government guidelines across the world,” Natalie said, explaining the procedures Hurtigruten will go through so cruises can continue to be a great feature of travel in 2021. 

And so many more cruise companies are going that extra mile to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Seeing such a worldwide loved form of travel getting back on the water is great news for travel, and it’s fantastic to see so many putting out new adventures and adapting them to travel today. 

With cruising safer than ever before, we’re not surprised they’re getting booked up. There is no better time than now to set sail on your next adventure. 

So, if you’re also excited to book up your next cruise holiday, don’t forget to get in touch with one of our fabulous PTS members to get booking. Or, if you need help picking a wonderful PTS member to book with, you can call PTS directly at 0207 190 9988. 

And if you want to learn more about how you’re protected by the package travel regulations, or why you should book with a PTS travel business member today, don’t forget to check out our blog. 

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