Excellent news came out last week as South Korea authorities announced the country’s decision to ease Covid travel restrictions for all international travellers, including UK travellers. 

From Saturday the 3rd of September, arrivals in South Korea will no longer be required to present evidence of a negative pre-departure PCR test in order to enter the country. This applies to all international travellers to South Korea, regardless of vaccination status.  

All travellers to South Korea will still need to submit a health questionnaire alongside completing a PCR test at the airport in South Korea within 24 hours of landing. Following this test, the travellers will be required to stay in their chosen accommodation until the results of the negative test are provided. 

Following this change in restrictions, South Korea still require face masks or face coverings to be work in public indoor settings. They will also still require travellers who test positive for Covid to self-isolate for seven days following their positive test result.  

This relaxation in entry requirements for travellers to South Korea comes following the reported drop in daily cases over the past few weeks. The daily infections in South Korea are now showing as 100,000 infections daily as opposed to the 180,000 infections in mid-August. 

The South Korean health minister, Lee ki-il, said,  “The weekly number of infections has declined for the first time in nine weeks and the virus is showing signs of slowing down.” 

This news has now been updated for all UK travellers on the Foreign Travel Advice page by the FCDO. This advice reads, “As of September 3, 2022, travellers arriving in South Korea are no longer required to provide a negative pre-departure Covid test certificate. 

“All arrivals, including children aged five and under, and regardless of nationality and length of stay, are required to take a PCR test within 24 hours of entering South Korea. All foreign short-term travellers are advised to take a PCR test at an airport clinic.” 

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