Recent reports suggest that there is a possibility of the removal of the red list and quarantine restrictions that come with it in the near future for UK travellers. Though it is not a certainty with a current timeline, ministers are believed to be gathering today, Thursday the 28th of October, to discuss this possibility.

Due to a significant decrease in covid rates overseas, the ability to end hotel quarantines costing £2,285 for UK travellers has become a great possibility. Whether this decision is made on the 28th of October or comes in the New Year when it has been predicted, this is a great prospect for the future of travel.

Sources talking to The Telegraph said they were ‘almost certain’ this would be discussed by ministers today. It was also speculated that the approaching Cop26 global summit may have something to do with this possible change.

With 47 countries leaving the red list recently (you can find out more about the reduced red list in our article), the 7 remaining countries on the red list will have quarantine restrictions removed if this change takes place. This measure will be replaced with a requirement for travellers to self-isolate at home for 10 days upon entry to the UK.

Part of the reason for the change comes from data showing that the number of positive covid tests taken by travellers returning from the red list is actually lower than the number of positive tests taken by those remaining in the UK. The portion of travellers from red list countries testing positive in October was 0.77%, with the number of people testing positive while remaining in the UK was 1.14% in October.

If the removal of the red list and quarantine requirements goes ahead, the 7 red list destinations will be more accessible to travellers again. This would also follow a pattern we are seeing in other countries such as the US, focusing on the rollout of the vaccine rather than having a list of ‘no-go’ destinations.

Seeing the world beginning to open up again with a clearer path ahead through the pandemic, is a wonderful step for travel. Though the past couple of years have been a huge shakeup, the excitement of travel is ablaze, travel businesses and travellers alike looking forward to some fantastic, stress-free holidays ahead.

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