Following previous announcements concerning rail service strikes, some actions due to take place next week have now been suspended following further negotiations surrounding the pay dispute.  

Rail service strikes were originally arranged to take place on Wednesday the 24th of May by the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA). These actions were planned on London’s Elizabeth Line running through to Heathrow in order to raise awareness and demand negotiation surrounding the ongoing pay dispute.  

However, following a revised pay proposal that was presented to the TSSA this week, the actions set for the 24th of May have now been suspended. The proposal came from the management at Rail for London Infrastructure (RfLI). The union has stated that actions will be suspended while they consult their members on their response to the revised proposal. 

This dispute over pay began in January of this year, with rail service strikes causing a one-day stoppage as many TSSA members refused to continue following the news that some Elizabeth Line staff were receiving thousands of pounds less than other staff performing similar roles in other sectors of the Transport for London (TfL) network. 

Mel Taylor, the interim organising director at TSSA, commented on the new developments and said, “We have had a very constructive meeting and as a result, TSSA has agreed to suspend the strike action planned on 24 May. 

“This will enable our teams to fully digest the changes and allow for further consultation and discussion over the coming days. We certainly do not take strike action lightly, but we have made this progress as a result of the action we have taken and planned to take.” 

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