New Zealand has brought forward the latest update to its restrictions. From next week, international travellers will no longer need to take a pre-departure Covid test in order to enter the country. 

Though it was originally planned out that pre-departure tests would be removed on the 31st of July, the New Zealand report claimed this date had been bright forward in reaction to the number of Covid cases falling.  

This update was confirmed on Thursday the 16th of June on New Zealand’s official government Covid website. This announcement stated that international arrivals would be able to enter without the requirement for a pre-departure test from 11:59 pm on Monday the 20th of June. 

This report stated that all travellers with international flights to New Zealand that depart after 11:59 pm on the 20th of June will be able to enter without a negative pre-departure test.  

Most arrivals will still be required to be fully vaccinated and take two antigen Covid tests. These tests will be taken in the first two days after arrival, and on day five or six after arrival. Antigen tests will be provided at the airport upon arrival.  

There are some vaccination rule exceptions, though the Foreign Office has not yet updated its travel advice, more details on vaccination requirements will be available on the Foreign Travel Advice page shortly for travellers. 

“We’ve taken a careful and staged approach to reopening our borders to ensure we aren’t overwhelmed with an influx of Covid-19 cases. 

“Our strategy has worked and as a result, it’s safe to lift pre-departure test requirements much sooner than planned,” the announcement stated. 

“With cases continuing to decline despite over 387,000 arrivals since borders reopened, there is evidence this measure can now be lifted. 

“Around 90% of international arrivals undertake their required testing once they are in the country, with only a 2-3% positivity rate. So, we don’t anticipate a significant increase in border cases once the requirement is lifted. 

“In addition, the challenges pre-departure tests pose to visitors are now no longer outweighed by the public health benefits. 

“Factors such as the availability of and cost of getting a test are increasingly becoming a barrier for people intending to travel here, especially as other countries wind back testing availability or the requirement for a test on entry themselves.” 

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