Fantastic destination news came out over the weekend as it was officially confirmed that New Zealand has dropped all remaining Covid-related entry restrictions for international travellers, including all UK travellers.  

Travellers that visit New Zealand after this update will no longer be required to fill out a Covid declaration form pre-departure, with the country removing this final requirement from their entry rules and leaving a clear path for future travel. This means travellers will no longer have to worry about Covid-related rules when they’re planning for their trip ahead.  

The drop of all covid-related restrictions also includes any requirement for a traveller to be fully or partially vaccinated. No proof of vaccination status will be required nor limiting to a traveller’s journey. British travellers to the country are now requirement free because of this.  

This change was announced by New Zealand on the 13th of September to go into action on Thursday the 20th of October, this was then confirmed on the Foreign Travel Advice page by the FCDO on Friday the 21st of October.  

The New Zealand government said, “Travellers are no longer required to complete a New Zealand Traveller Declaration to enter New Zealand. New Zealand’s Covid-19 entry requirements were removed on 20 October.” 

The FCDO said, “New Zealand borders are fully open to all travellers as of 31 July 2022. From 20 October, travellers arriving into New Zealand by air are no longer required to fill out a New Zealand Traveller Declaration form disclosing their Covid-19 vaccine status and travel history.” 

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