Following a long break from international tourism since the Covid pandemic, it has been reported that Japan will open its borders to international visitors from next month.  

From Friday, the 10th of June, Japan will open its borders to a limited number of international travellers. These entries will initially be restricted to guided group tours, with no solo travellers allowed entry until a later, undetermined date (you can keep up to date on travel rules for all destinations, including Japan, on the Foreign Travel Advice page). 

This news comes out after a previous announcement from the Japan Chief Cabinet Secretary, Hirokazu Matsuno, stating that from Wednesday, the 1st of June, restrictions will be lifted. From the 1st of June, Japan will open quarantine and airport-testing free entry to travellers from their “low-rate group” list of destinations, which includes the UK. 

Now, Japan will open its borders further in June, with their gradual approach leading to a series of trials that are currently taking place. These trials involve many small group tours from several of their key markets in tourism, such as the US and Australia.  

Japanese prime minister, Fumio Kishida, said, “We will resume accepting tourists on package tours with guides from the 10th of next month. Step by step we will aim to accept (tourists) as we did in normal times, taking into consideration the status of infections.” 

Those with a focus on Japan in the travel industry have been reported as welcoming this news with open arms. With the summer approaching, many businesses and travellers alike are looking forward to the fantastic packages that Japan will be able to offer. 

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