Following record numbers of travellers over the course of 2022, Jamaica has recently become the number one destination in the Caribbean for UK travellers to visit for a great sunny getaway.  

Next to Barbados and the Dominican Republic, Jamaica is one of the most beloved Caribbean destinations for UK travellers and other travellers from around the world. Loved for the winter sun and summer relaxation, alongside the welcoming culture and excellent food, it is often seen as open of the most idyllic getaways next to islands like Seychelles and the Canary Islands. 

According to the reported statistics, Jamaica saw over 231,000 UK visitors arrive over the course of 2022, breaking the record that was previously set pre-pandemic in 2019 at 225,000. Following the trend of post-pandemic eagerness for travel, Jamaica is showing the effects of the great rush of demand for travel in 2022 and 2023 (if you’d like to find out more about any existing entry restrictions for Jamaica in 2023, or keep up to date with future changes, don’t forget to visit the Foreign Travel Advice page). 

The Jamaica Tourism Board said that the destination has now officially overtaken Barbados and the Dominican Republic in numbers for 2022. This success in travellers was attributed to Jamaica’s “bullish tourism recovery plan” that emphasised the island’s culture, gastronomy, music, nature, and wellness attractions while doing so “in an environmentally sustainable way”. 

Edmund Bartlett, the Tourism Minister, said, “We are working on our most ambitious tourism development and expansion plan in Jamaica’s history to meet the continued demand and interest in our beautiful island.” 

The UK and Northern Europe regional director, Elizabeth Fox, also added, “We are very happy that Jamaica is the top Caribbean destination of choice for travellers from the UK and would like to thank all our industry partners for their continuous support and faith in our beautiful island. 

“Our team has an exciting line-up of plans for 2023 and are confident that we can continue to grow our destination favourability among UK travellers in 2023. 

“Our campaign this year is ‘Come Back to Jamaica’: come back to relax, come back to adventure, come back to romance, and the Brits certainly continue to do so.” 

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