Over the course of summer 2022, the travel industry has seen some fantastic changes and boosts to all forms of travel following the results of the past two years. From some recent data released on the peak summer season of travel in 2022, Greece passenger levels have shown just how far travel has excelled in the post-pandemic climate of 2022.  

Data on the summer period from July to September 2022 was released by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), showing off the top three destinations for travellers this summer, with passenger numbers coming very close to pre-pandemic levels in 2019 for Spain and Italy, where the Greece passenger levels excelled. 

Greece was the second most popular destination for UK travellers between July and September 2022, and the destination easily surpassed the passenger levels of 2019 with 114% the performance. While Spain pulled in the most travellers this summer, the Greece passenger levels showed the best results, with Spain pulling in 86% of pre-pandemic levels and Italy pulling in 83% of pre-pandemic levels.  

Spain was at the top of the summer charts for UK travellers with over 13 million passengers visiting between July and September. Greece came next with 4.6 million passengers, and Italy followed with 4.1 million passengers over the three-month period.  

According to the data released by the CAA, over 73 million passengers came in and out of the UK by air between July and September alone, this is only down 19% from 2019 levels, showing off the great recovery we are seeing. This is giving many in the travel industry great hope for the increase in consumer confidence for the following year to come after such a boom in confidence this year.  

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