Following the increasing pressure for further steps on sustainable travel across the course of 2022, the UK government have stepped up to back a move towards more sustainable air travel from airlines in the UK.  

Though some small moves have been made to work towards sustainable air travel in 2022, very few actions have been taken. Many concerns have come from costs both for consumers and travel businesses, other concerns have come from efficiency and the ability to execute certain steps, especially in the air sector, where a large amount of travel sustainability is needed most.  

However, in December 2022, after a year of great progress for the UK travel industry, the government has given 5 different companies a share of £165 million in order to fund the creation of sustainable air travel through aviation fuels that will help reduce the carbon emissions of air travel by 200,000 tonnes per year.  

Of the 5 companies selected, 3 companies that reside in Teesside, Immingham, and Ellesmere Port, have revealed their plans to turn mundane, everyday house and commercial waste, for example black bin bags, into jet fuel in order to produce more sustainable and guilt-free travel.  

Mark Harper, the Transport Secretary, made a statement on this exciting move that would make ‘guilt-free flying a reality’ where it had not been before. Harper said, “It’s exactly this kind of innovation that will help us create thousands of green jobs across the country and slash our carbon emissions.” 

This great announcement from the government for travel comes after news this month that the first net zero transatlantic flight will be flown from London Heathrow to New York JFK in 2023, another huge step for sustainable air travel and more sustainable, guilt-free travel for businesses and travellers around the world.  

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