Following a change in Italy’s local laws this week, the Foreign Office (FCDO) have updated the Italy travel advice page to reflect the new slackening in air-bound restrictions.

In the past week, the local travel laws in Italy have changed, with the FCDO updating their travel advice to reflect this. Following this change, face masks and other face coverings are no longer required by Italy on flights to Italy.

The FCDO stated in the update, “The Italian government has removed the requirement to wear masks on flights in and to or from Italy. Check with your travel operator before travelling.” The full rules and requirements for entering Italy as a traveller can be found on the Foreign Travel Advice page.

This is excellent news for travellers to Italy, however, it is also important to check the requirements of your airline, as some airlines still require face masks and covering on flights to Italy, despite the new Italy travel advice.

For example, some airlines still require FF2-type masks for flights to Italy, while other airlines require passengers to wear masks or face-covering in order to board their flight, but not for the duration of the journey to Italy.

The reason for this can vary from airline to airline, but it is encouraged by many in the industry that travellers keep a face mask on their person when they go to the airport and keep an eye on the requirements of their chosen airline’s website (If you’d like to learn more about airline requirements during Covid, you can check out our article).

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