Following the multiple new travel updates from Spain over the past week, the UK Foreign Office have updated their Spain travel advice on the Foreign Travel Advice page to reflect the newest Spanish rules to consumers.  

Last week, on Friday the 16th of September, Spain announced the extension of their Covid entry rules until the 15th of November. These were extended to apply to all travellers to Spain. Following this, on Tuesday the 20th of September, Spain once again updated its entry restrictions, removing the travel health form alongside the SpTH portal and app that was used to track travellers in and out of the country.  

This means that all travellers are exempt from the requirement to fill out the form or acquire the necessary QR code. The new Spain travel advice has been changed to reflect this. There is, however, some confusion over the remaining entry rules, as travellers are still required to either be fully vaccinated, have evidence of recovery in the last 6 months, or have proof of a negative Covid test taken pre-departure, without the use of the SpTH portal, it is unclear how the Spanish authorities intend to track these entry rules. 

The FCDO advice was updated to reflect these new rules in all their detail, “You are no longer required to complete a health control form prior to travel,” the Spain travel advice read.  

“This applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers. If you are travelling from the UK to Spain, you must show valid proof of one of the following upon entry: being fully vaccinated; a negative Covid-19 test, either a PCR taken 72 hours prior to departure, or an antigen test taken 24 hours prior to departure; [or] having recovered from Covid-19 in the last six months.” 

“You may be subject to additional checks at the point of entry including a temperature check, visual health assessment, or testing on arrival. 

“Passengers may also be contacted and required to undertake a Covid-19 nucleic acid amplification test – NAAT (PCR or similar) – at any point up to 48 hours after their arrival in Spain.” 

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