After Grant Shapps announced on Monday, November 1st that the NHS Covid Pass is now officially merged with the EU Digital Covid Certificate, there have been further announcements with FCDO advice on the new covid pass informing UK travellers to reprint any printed pdf passes.

Now that the UK travel system for Covid has been merged with the EU system for ease of access, the FCDO have said that any NHS covid pass printed as a pdf from the app before November 1st will not register when scanned before travel. For this reason, the FCDO advise that all travellers ensure their pass was printed from November 1st onwards.

The FCDO are beginning to update this information for many EU destinations on the Foreign Travel Advice page, including Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Greece, and Italy as of November 3rd.

This also applies to Switzerland, which uses the EU covid pass, though is not a member state of the EU.

The news that UK travellers can now use the NHS covid pass to enter EU countries efficiently and with ease is awesome to hear, and this FCDO advice on the covid pass is key for travellers to follow to ensure a smooth transition in the system without stress.

So don’t forget to reprint your covid pass before you travel if you originally printed it before Monday, November 1st, and get ready for some fantastic holidays ahead with further peace of mind.

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