Though the world of travel is experiencing a lot of uncertainty and changes at the moment, there is still progress being made every day to improve the way we monitor Covid during travel. A huge part of this is in testing, with developments such as Eurofins’ new launch of an 8 hour PCR test service.  

Covid testing in travel is an important aspect and is constantly being improved. Though the government have hinted recently that they aim to focus more on the vaccination roll-out so that testing won’t be as necessary, ensuring efficient, effective, and stress-free testing is still a constant priority for travel.  

Recently the use of lateral flow tests instead of PCR tests has been allowed for travel, this alongside developments in making both lateral flow and PCR tests more accessible and cost-effective for travellers. Testing labs and providers are approved and in themselves tested to ensure travellers can trust their test provider.  

Recently consumers and travel professionals alike have participated in signing a petition to get free, NHS lateral flow tests as an option for fully vaccinated travellers. The petition has already almost reached its goal of 150,000 signatures as of December 17th, and there is speculation around the government considering this change.  

A more specific, but equally fantastic, change, is the news that Eurofins has launched and now offer an 8 hour PCR test service for travellers.  

This service will take place as a drive-through offer at their sites in Hounslow and Livingston. These 8 hour PCR tests are quick turnaround services for day-2 PCR tests and are located near Heathrow and Edinburgh, a short drive from the airport.  

Travellers will arrive at the drive-through service and be provided with a test kit, handed to them through their car window. One of the Eurofins team will then monitor them as they self-administer the test to check that the process was done correctly. Then the consumer simply needs to give the test to the lab and isolate at home until the result is provided within 8 hours (a single test is £89.90). 

For travellers who are concerned about the self-isolation time that is part of the current requirements for entering the UK, this new development is fantastic news (you can also find out more about day-2 PCRs and self-isolation in our article). This will ensure that monitoring Covid in travel is still efficient without disrupting the traveller’s life once they arrive home.  

Though restrictions are uncertain due to the Omicron variant, it is awesome to see the progress being made with testing for travel and we are all looking forward to seeing even more progress as 2022 approaches. As always, we highly recommend consumers stay up to date on travel restrictions for the UK and your destination’s entry requirements on the Foreign Travel Advice page, or talk to your lovely travel agent for peace of mind.  

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