Fantastic news came in an announcement on Tuesday (22nd of February) the EU revealed plans to drop testing requirements for all fully vaccinated travellers arriving from outside the member states.  

To be put into action on the 1st of March, this ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach could make booking an Easter holiday to Europe much simpler for travellers.  

The plan proposed included removing pre-departure testing for all fully vaccinated adults entering the EU. This rule would also be extended to partially vaccinated or unvaccinated children from the ages of 6 to 18.  

Most EU and EEA countries have agreed to follow this recommended plan, though it has been emphasised that it is not legally binding. Member states of the EU may implement pre-departure testing and self-isolation for entry into their own country. Because of this we still highly recommend that consumers check the Foreign Travel Advice page or ask their travel agent and any rules when they book their holiday.  

These simpler restrictions will unite the EU states for travellers from outside the EU and many travellers have already expressed their approval of this plan. This could make travelling to Europe hassle-free and more inviting to uncertain travellers.  

This plan scheduled for the 1st of March is also the perfect time for travellers to get in their Easter time holidays and take a stress-free spring getaway in April.  

Partially vaccinated or unvaccinated adults will still be subject to the current isolation rules still in place for each EU member state. The EU have recommended that member states allow fully vaccinated rules for arrivals who recovered from Covid within the last 180 days. 

If a traveller is fully vaccinated, their second dose must have been administered between 14- and 270-days pre-departure or they must have their booster vaccine, in order to qualify for these relaxed fully vaccinated rules.  

The EU plans to drop testing came in line with the new domestic rules in the UK that Boris Johnson announced. These included the dropped requirement for those testing positive to self-isolate. Many travellers and travel businesses are hopeful and urging the UK government to extend this rule to travel.  

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