Officials announced today, Thursday the 17th of March, that Cambodia testing requirements will no longer be necessary for fully vaccinated travellers to enter Cambodia.  

Going into effect immediately (following the 17th of March), Cambodia reportedly decided to simplify entry requirements for international visitors to give a boost to investments in their tourism industry.  

This means that from the 17th of March Cambodia testing will be completely removed for fully vaccinated arrivals. Previously, fully vaccinated travellers needed to provide a negative PCR test taken pre-departure and also test on arrival in Cambodia. Following this announcement, all Cambodia testing of this sort will be unnecessary, potentially saving fully vaccinated travellers a lot of money and time.  

Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travellers will still be required to quarantine for 14 days on arrival in Cambodia. Other requirements for Cambodia or other destinations whose rules have recently changed, such as Vietnam which opened its borders recently, can be checked on the Foreign Travel Advice page, so you can stay up to date on your destination. 

Cambodia Prime Minister, Hun Sen, was reported as saying, “Now it’s the stage to open the economy by learning how to live with Covid.” 

Following this, the Health Minister, Mam Bunheng, was reported as saying, “The Ministry of Health would like to urge all travellers that they should do rapid tests.” 

Cambodia also decided to reinstate their visa-on-arrival programme, which the travel industry has celebrated as a move that will also make entry considerably easier for fully vaccinated travellers.  

It is excellent news to see such a fabulous destination like Cambodia simplifying testing restrictions for travellers. The relief on cost and time is fantastic for travellers as well as the boost to consumer confidence relaxed restrictions will give. 

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