After a recent state of emergency that was announced in Ecuador, the UK Foreign Office (FCDO) has updated the travel guidelines and advice for all British travellers looking to visit Ecuador.  

Concern surrounding travel to Ecuador has increased over the recent week because of the escalation of nationwide protests throughout Ecuador. These began and were first noted by the FCDO earlier this month, in June, and ultimately lead to Ecuador announcing a state of emergency in some of its provinces. This came alongside a curfew that was announced in Quito.  

The state of emergency has since been repealed over the past weekend (the 26th of June), but the FCDO have gone ahead to update the UK travel advice despite this change.  

The FCDO Foreign Travel Advice page that consumers can check out for all the latest updates on destination requirements, has recently been updated to advise all British travellers against travelling to Ecuador for anything but essential travel. This is specifically advice for the mainland of Ecuador.  

The advice states that some hotels and accommodations in Ecuador are running low on food supplies and are reporting that they have no more availability for travellers.  

This updated advice, however, doesn’t apply to transit through airports in Quito or Guayaquil. This includes stop-offs for continued travel to the Galapagos islands around Ecuador.  

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