According to reports in many sources of travel media over the past couple of weeks, there is a lot of heavy speculation that France will ease their restrictions for UK travellers incredibly soon.

The travel ban on UK travellers to France was put in place on the 18th of December in response to the number of Omicron cases in the UK, but many are certain that this will potentially lift this week.

The travel ban for UK travellers meant that a lot of ski holidays couldn’t go ahead, with France being one of the most popular destinations for UK skiers. If France ease restrictions soon, this will be great news for many skiing holidaymakers.

According to several sources, the news on this could come “within hours” and we might get an update on the French travel ban as soon as today (Wednesday, 12th of January) with the ban possibly to be lifted as soon as Saturday the 15th.

In anticipation of this news, several ski operators have begun selling packages for this weekend, offering free refunds by Friday if this anticipated announcement doesn’t come. Seeing the excitement sparked throughout the industry is hopeful and many travel businesses and travellers alike are waiting expectantly for this news.

French MP, Alexandre Holroyd, responsible for French nationals living in the UK, also claimed that news of the border opening would be coming within the next few days for fully vaccinated UK arrivals.

How the restrictions for entering France will change is still not set, but it is suspected that over-18s will require proof of a booster vaccine to enter. However, we always highly recommend that travellers keep up to date on the Foreign Travel Advice page to see what requirements you’ll need to follow for your chosen destination.

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