An announcement came out this week detailing the new, relaxed entry requirements for all vaccinated travellers looking to enter the island of Anguilla from early next month, in August.  

The announcement came from Anguilla’s Ministry of Health, which stated that covid-related entry requirements for entering the island, will be relaxed for all vaccinated travellers from Monday the 8th of August.  

Following this date, vaccinated travellers will no longer be required to take a pre-departure Covid test in order to enter the Caribbean Island. According to the announcement, fully vaccinated travellers will only be required to provide evidence of their vaccination status to airlines at check-in and on arrival at entry in Saint Maarten and Anguilla. 

Unvaccinated visitors, however, will still be required to take a pre-departure test in order to enter Anguilla, but all quarantine and self-isolation requirements will be dropped from Monday the 8th of August.  

The entry requirements can be found in up-to-date detail on the Foreign Travel Advice page, though airline requirements for tests and face coverings may vary. 

The announcement also stated that unvaccinated or partially vaccinated children under the age of 18 will be allowed to enter Anguilla, under the condition that they are accompanied by a fully vaccinated parent or guardian.  

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