It’s fair to say that November and December have been busy months for the travel industry. With the Omicron variant causing uncertainty, many consumers are panicked and concerned about bookings they’ve already made or bookings they want to make. A lot of those consumers are asking the important question, ‘can I still book a holiday for 2022?’   

Since new precautionary restrictions have been added in November and early December 2021, the industry has been supporting many travellers to ensure they understand the new measures and that we can still travel.

We understand, this is confusing and different, but these changes absolutely don’t have to stop you from booking a great holiday for 2022 or going on an awesome holiday you already have booked. In fact, as long as you’re booking in advance with a trusted travel agent, most of these concerns don’t fall into your hands. This is what great travel agents are for, so don’t panic.    

Can I Still Book a Holiday For 2022? 

In short, absolutely. If you book with a great travel agent and you’re booking in advance, then booking for 2022 shouldn’t be stressful and is still a great opportunity. The measures that are coming back to travel in December were only removed on October 24th, so though it is a change, these are restrictions we’ve been dealing with for the past couple of years already, the travel industry is prepared for bookings with testing required.   In truth, testing could become quite the norm for future travels.

It’s also important to remember that these restrictions, for the most part, aren’t things you should be worried about as the consumer, these are the things that a travel agent will take care of for you.

As a travel expert, they are prepared to adapt holiday packages, check any requirements you may encounter (you can also keep yourself up to date with these on the Foreign Travel Advice page), keep you informed, react accordingly, and many good travel agents during Covid will have measures in place to ensure you feel fully supported.    

This is why we highly advise booking in advance for 2022 and 2023. Travel is still busy and bookings are getting snatched up for the next few years. However, the main reason booking in advance is such an important advantage at the moment, is because of capacity. Have no doubt that there are many bookings already in place for 2022 and capacity is limited. This is by no means a hard sell, this is the truth for 2022 and prices are rising daily. 

If you book with a good travel agent with good policies, you can cancel or reschedule a holiday closer to the time.   

Check your travel agent’s booking policies, these situations will most likely be covered in your booking contract. Plus, if you’re booking with a trusted PTS member, your financial protection is assured, so you have time to talk to your travel agent about the best course of action.   

If you’re thinking about booking a holiday for the coming year and you’re asking the question ‘can I still book a holiday for 2022?’ the world is still open and travel businesses are still creating amazing holidays for you to enjoy.   

Whatever worries you may have, your travel agent can help you and no matter the circumstance, booking travel shouldn’t be stressful, that’s what we in the travel industry are here for.   

A Great Travel Agent Can Help You 

Whatever kind of holiday you’re excited to book for next year, booking with a great travel agent can take all the stress out of your hands and let you enjoy the excitement of your next holiday.   

Great travel agents and PTS members are passionate, experienced, love travel, and provide complete financial protection so that you can travel with peace of mind, no matter what. And if something gets in the way and you need to reschedule your holiday? They’re happy to help with that too.   

It’s a confusing time at the moment, the travel industry has changed a lot over the course of Covid, but these changes don’t mean you can’t have a great holiday. Travel agents are even more prepared than ever now to help you get the holiday you need without taking the excitement from it.   

So, if you’re excited and ready to book a holiday for 2022, don’t wait, and get in contact with a professional travel business registered with PTS providing 100% financial protection through trust. Or, if you don’t know which of our lovely members to choose, you can call PTS directly at 0207 190 9988 

If you would like to learn more about why you need to book with a travel agent, your consumer protection with PTS, or how the Package Travel Regulations protect your holiday booking, check out our pages. 

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