Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit, many factors of the travel industry have been called forward to see change. With the industry forced to adapt, the Package Regulations also saw many looking to make changes to improve the industry for consumers and businesses alike.  

It has been called to attention by many, and most recently by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI), that the Package Regulations are widely misunderstood by travel consumers. Specifically, Linked Travel Arrangements (LTAs) have seen a lot of attention from those looking for change.  

Since the establishment of the Package Travel Regulations (PTRs) in the 70s and their subsequent changes up o 2018, many travellers and travel experts have called LTAs into question. Though we explain this in our Package Regulations Guide, LTAs are seen as ambiguous, complicated, and unnecessarily confusing by experts and travellers alike.  

CTSI has recently called for more formal action in light of the present review of the Package Regulations that is ongoing. This comes following some research that was conducted to determine how many travel consumers are aware of their rights under the PTRs and how many understand the nuances of LTAs.  

The research revealed that most travellers are unaware of the differences between package holidays and LTAs, including the fact that they receive different levels of protection. This revelation could be dangerous for many consumers, who may believe they are booking a package holiday, but will only receive the reduced legal and financial protection that comes with an LTA. 

The research done polled 1,000 people and next to many consumers not understanding the distinction, it found that 73% of those polled said that they do not read holiday terms and conditions or only skim them. 

In the report that followed, called Wish You Were Clear, CTSI displayed the research, its recommendations, and outlined the differences in Package Regulations between package holidays and LTAs. The recommendations come in an attempt to prevent consumers from losing money through a simple misunderstanding and an unclear set of laws. 

They call for the following changes to be made: 

  1. The simplification of the language and information provided by travel organisers. 
  2. A reform of the 2018 PTRs. 
  3. The creation of a travel sector offence for providing consumers with incorrect or misleading information. 
  4. The implication of a clear warning system on any holiday service with no or limited financial protection.  

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