At Protected Trust Services (PTS) we and our members are dedicated to ensuring our consumers can travel with trust on your holidays. Whether you’re going away for business, having a spontaneous hike across Europe, or have a great family holiday every summer, you can do it with complete protection and peace of mind when you choose to #TravelWithTrust.

We also recognise how tricky it has been for consumers during the uncertain times of Covid, and we need to rebuild consumer trust in travel, together. This is why we have created the #TravelWithTrust campaign, to help bring awareness to consumers and businesses alike, and help you to travel with trust for your next holiday, so you can go on your travels stress-free and completely protected.

What Does It Mean to #TravelWithTrust?

In short, travel with trust means you are booking with a trusted travel agent or tour operator that operates under an independent trust account system like Protected Trust Services (PTS).

Though travel businesses and consumers alike are beginning to become more aware of trust accounts, there are a lot of misconceptions over their function. But when you book your holiday with a PTS member, you are guaranteed protection in a few different ways:

  1. Your money will only be used to fund your holiday
  2. Your PTS member doesn’t have direct access to your money
  3. Your money is separated from all other bookings
  4. That money will remain in trust unless:
    – You require a refund or reimbursement
    – It is protected by Supplier Failure Insurance (SFI)
    – Your travel agent has paid an ATOL protected wholesaler

Financial Protection Commitment

Because all your monies are going towards your holiday and your holiday alone, PTS members are arguably in the best financial position in the travel industry. This ensures that you get the holiday you deserve, the company is always able to provide the best holiday they can, and if a problem does arise, it can be dealt with easily.

Why Book with A Protected Trust Services (PTS) Member?

It may seem that travel with trust only benefits consumers, but this system is catered to help our members be the most fabulous businesses they can be too. Overall, this means that our members are able to create excellent bonds of trust with consumers and business associates alike. Whether that is the merchant services, insurance providers, or suppliers, they can build great relationships and get competitive rates because of the PTS trust.

Booking with a PTS member means that you’re booking with a package travel regulations (PTR) compliant business (to learn more about the PTRs, visit our package travel regulation guide, or visit the government website), your money is protected from the moment you book to the time you arrive home, no one in the business has direct access to the monies, and you are working with an efficient and expert system.

Our trust account system doesn’t only give you the confidence to travel with trust, but it gives our members the confidence and foundation to build an exceptional business how they want to and create excellent packages that you will love.

The PTS trust model is simple, transparent, and allows you to form great relationships with your travel providers because they can guarantee security.

Our members join PTS for many reasons, but when it comes to trust account holders, we offer the most trusted solution in the travel industry. We do this in a few ways:

  • We are the only company in the UK to reconcile daily – this means that every day all monies and payments are checked and approved down to each individual booking.
  • We use track-and-trace software – this ensures that if and when you or the travel company need to know where money is, we can track down each booking and tell you exactly where it is in a matter of seconds.
  • We use independent trustees – in some cases, the account holder will have access to the monies, but at PTS we believe in using a completely independent trustee to ensure trust among all companies involved. This means that we don’t have access to the monies either and therefore it is completely secure. Elman Wall are PTS’s independent trustees.

PTS’s trust is efficient, easy-to-use for our members, and transparent to all parties, so everyone knows where all the money is whenever they need. If something does go wrong and you need a refund or reimbursement, you can receive your money swiftly.

So, when you’re booking your next holiday, don’t forget to look out for the PTS logo and number on a company’s website, or get in contact with PTS directly at 0207 190 9988 to ensure that you’re travelling with trust with one of our experienced, and trusted members.

If you would like to learn more about how you are protected as the consumer, package travel regulations, or how you are protected by the PTS trust account solution and #TravelWithTrust you can visit our page.

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