Even if it’s never been on your bucket list before, you’ll have heard of Barbados and all the wonderful things you can find there. From tropical beaches, to gorgeous waters to surf on, being the birthplace of rum, and its exciting pirate history, there is a whole myriad of reasons to visit Barbados throughout the year. It’s an easy choice, but far from a forgettable one.

1. Tropical Beaches

reasons-to-visit-barbados-beachWe must start with one of the classic reasons to visit Barbados: the beaches. When you’re looking for that perfect fantasy beach, fine white sand, clear blue sea, warm sun, and good drinks, well you’re not going to find it any more perfect than the west coast of Barbados.

And if you’re a surfer, looking for the more rugged beach and great waves, the east coast of the island is going to be the hot spot for your holiday.

There’s good reason why some of Barbados’s beaches are considered the greatest in the world, and for a beach-lover, that’s going to put them right at the top of the bucket list. That is, until you’ve visited the first time, and realise that this cannot be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

There are also plenty of guided water-sport and boating adventures to be had nearby, you could easily spend your entire holiday on the sand and in the sea.

2. The Birthplace of Rum

reasons-to-visit-barbados-rumThere’s no experience quite like the very first, seeing the origins of something that has become so universally loved. Rum, in particular, is engrained in history, pop culture, and every bar across the UK. Discovering where it all began is a truly magical experience.

You’re not going to find any rum quite like you will on the island of Barbados, of course, because they know how to do it best. Learning the history of such a thing with an excellent drink in hand and the ocean brushing the sands not far off, holidays don’t get more relaxing than that.

You can book rum tours too, to go through how they make their delicious rum, sample some of their oldest and greatest, and learn all the history of the drink itself. It’s a fascinating experience we highly recommend.

3. Harrison’s Cave

reasons-to-visit-barbados-caveGetting a bit more specific, but equally as well known, we suggest a great day trip with a guide down to Harrison’s Cave, to explore the intriguing depths.

Open all year round, there’s good reason Harrison’s Cave is one of the most popular sites to visit in Barbados. You can take a group tour down into the caves, to see the glistening pools, and rough stalactites and stalagmites that hang from the ceiling.

It’s like stepping into another world, as you are surrounded by the warm light in the caves, and told of its history, getting an up-close look at the inside of the earth. It’s also a great, family friendly activity to get up to, with the experienced tour guides there to make the whole experience magical.

There’s also a website for booking experienced in Harrison’s Cave alone, so we recommend you check that out to learn more before you set off on your adventure.

4. Beautiful Resorts

reasons-to-visit-barbados-resortGoing to a small island, bathed in the sun, and dotted with beautiful beaches, it only makes sense that they have some spectacular resorts. And this isn’t just for the deep pocketed, whether you’re looking for luxury experiences, or beach side relaxation, Barbados has a resort to fit your needs.

There are rustic seaside cottages, bed and breakfasts, all-inclusive, luxury resorts, and affordable hostels by the sea. Accommodation is a massive part of the holiday experience, and you will always find yourself blessed with a fantastic view, no matter where you stay in Barbados.

If you want the full hotel experience, right on the edges of the white sand beaches, there are great hotels like Accra Beach Hotel & Spa, that sit right by the beach and can provide whatever you could possibly need, and more.

Or, for a quieter, more affordable, experience for those knowing they’re going to spend their days out and about exploring, there are small intimate hotels, providing apartments for your stay.

5. Bridgetown

reasons-to-visit-barbados-bridgetownYou can’t possibly take a visit to the great little island of Barbados without checking out the capital city, Bridgetown. At least worth a day trip, Bridgetown is a stunning city, not too big and busy, but equally still with the feel of a city.

With many buildings dating back to the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, it’s no surprise that Bridgetown is a historically exciting UNESCO site. Alive with African, American, and British heritage, that’s quite the experience in itself.

But it’s just as much alive in the present as its history is. With beaches right nearby, lots of different tours you can take to experience the culture of the city, and sightseeing spots to explore, it’s a great, peaceful city to visit on your holiday.

6. Sea Turtles

reasons-to-visit-barbados-sea-turtlesNeed I say more? Specifically, the Hawksbill and the Leatherback turtles, both incredibly rarely found, make their home in the waters of Barbados. Both stunning creatures, but also very well protected in Barbados by The Barbados Sea Turtle Project, they’re quite the sight to behold.

It’s very likely you’ll get to observe them, and if you give them the space they need, you can get a wonderful look at these beautiful creatures.

You can also book to swim with the sea turtles, though which one you see may depend on the time or year you visit, this is something you can do year-round. It’s an awesome experience, in those cool, clear, blue waters with such magnificent creatures, it’s not likely something you’ll ever experience anywhere else.

7. Sail the Caribbean Seas

reasons-to-visit-barbados-sailYou would be missing a big trick to go to Barbados and not take advantage of that gorgeous ocean in some way. One of our favourite ways, and something you can make a day trip of, is out on a boat.

You can book a place on a small catamaran, some in groups around 6-8 people, and set out to see just a fraction of this gorgeous water. Not only that, but you can take a gander at all the stunning wildlife that makes its home in the Caribbean Sea.

On catamarans such as the El Tigre, you can go out into the sea and snorkel with the fish, or swim with the sea turtles. You can see shipwrecks, or just enjoy some delicious rum while catching the sunlight. There’s no limit to what you can get up to at sea, and you will easily spend a day just out on the water.

8. Nightlife

reasons-to-visit-barbados-nightlifeThe fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down in Barbados, for many, that’s when it just gets started and the island comes alive.

From night clubs, to party cruises, to festivals, there’s no stopping short of spectacular in Barbados’s nightlife, and you’ll want to get involved at least one night of your stay, just to take in that great experience.

If you want to indulge in the best of the Barbados nightlife, there are a few hot spots you’ll want to visit. From the centre of it all at St Lawrence Gap, to the premium Red Door Lounge, the beach extravaganza at Harbour Lights, and The Cliff Beach Club, a fantastic restaurant you’ll want to stay at all night long.

The night clubs range from bar & grills, to extravagant shows, beach clubs, and outdoor parties in the streets of the city. Whether you want to be in warm company with a drink, or cheering for performers among many, there’s a little something for you in Barbados’s nightlife.

9. Flower Forest

reasons-to-visit-barbados-flowerIf you’re taken with the fascinating sights of nature, this is a must see among our reasons to visit Barbados. With botanical gardens meets summer forest, the flower forest in Barbados is a truly unique sight, and one that will leave you speechless.

So many different varieties of bright, colourful, flowers and flora in all shapes and sizes, all with an interesting history and story, this is your little fantasy world within Barbados, and it’s affordable too!

They also have a little café, and wedding facilities, so when you visit this lush forest of flowers and fall in love with it, we’re sure you’ll be returning again soon, or planning how to utilise this little paradise for your wedding.

10. Food

reasons-to-visit-barbados-foodWhen it’s such a staple part of your day, it’s hard not to mention the exquisite food that Barbados has on offer. If you’re looking for fresh, beautifully made, simple, and no hassle food, well this is easily one of the best reasons to visit Barbados.

From food trucks and street shops, to fine dining and all their delicious local cuisine, neither will you go unsatisfied, nor will you find your evening disappearing to dinner, at least, not for taking a long time, you might find yourself unable to leave.

Some of the best known and favourites in Barbados include The Tides, a wonderful fish restaurant in Holetown, and The Cliff, in St. James, known for serving some great international dishes alongside awesome local flavours.

Fresh fish or a big grill out, whatever kind of food you’re going for, you can enjoy all of it with a glass of excellent rum in your other hand, or a local brewed beer. We’re getting hungry just convincing you to go get a taste of Barbados culture.

So, if you’re ready to book your next great getaway after all the reasons to visit Barbados, don’t forget to check out the Barbados Tourism Board, and get in contact with your PTS member to book in your holiday. Or, if you’re uncertain which of our fabulous members to pick, you can call PTS directly at 0207 190 9988.

And if you want to learn more about your consumer protection and the package travel regulations, don’t forget to check out our page.

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