Here it is, New Year’s Eve, the final day of 2021. It has been quite a rollercoaster of a year and we’re certain many in and out of the travel industry and looking forward to what 2022 could possibly bring. But, before we can start planning how to tackle 2022, all around the world some of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations are set and ready to send off 2021 with a bang.  

Perhaps one of the biggest worldwide celebrations, everyone celebrates New Year’s Eve a little differently and though it is too late to book a trip to some of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations ready for 2022, booking the perfect celebration to welcome 2023 in a year’s time can be an exciting adventure already. What better way to motivate yourself in case 2022 goes a little haywire than a fabulous holiday to top it off?  

So, whatever kind of traveller you are, don’t forget to get excited about booking a great holiday for next New Year’s, and here are some of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world.  

New York City, New York, USA

We could hardly make a list like this without mentioning possibly one of the most famous New Year’s Eve celebrations in the world. A traditional but fantastic celebration that has been around for over a century, New York City has one of the biggest and the most loved New Year’s Eve celebrations around. 

If you want to go big and classic, look no further than Time’s Square. Watch the ball drop, experience the towering cityscape and the bustle of people ready to welcome in a new year of anticipation and excitement, and of course, don’t forget the fantastic fireworks display.  

New York City in itself is a fascinating city that we highly recommend visiting at least once (check out our article for the top reasons to visit New York City if you’re raring to visit before New Year’s), but the dazzling display that comes with New Year’s is spectacular, you won’t want to miss it. 

Sydney, Australia

If you want one of the biggest and best but New York isn’t your thing, or you have more of a taste for the summertime New Year’s party, Sydney has another of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations.  

This isn’t a party that lasts just until midnight, either. If you’re looking to start the New Year off high energy, Sydney will not disappoint. With a bursting fireworks display, great live music, and some fantastic vantage points that show off the beauty of the city itself, Sydney’s New Year’s doesn’t cut any corners.  

Queenstown, New Zealand

Perhaps a smaller celebration, but no less excellent, Queenstown is one of the first New Year’s Eve celebrations next to Sydney.   

If you want to celebrate right on the beachfront, this is the party for you, with the celebration taking a family-friendly display onto the beach for all to enjoy. The nightlife of Queenstown is fully stocked and ready for a great party, not just with the locals, but with all the travellers that often visit for thrill-seeking adventures. 

If you’re an adrenaline seeker and you want to join the party for New Year’s Eve, Queenstown is the perfect hub for you, with some excellent thrilling activities taking place very close by.  

Edinburgh, Scotland

We, of course, couldn’t make this list without mentioning one of the great celebrations that take place right here in the UK. And, though London has a fantastic and big celebration of its own, the 3-day extravaganza you can find in Edinburgh couldn’t go unmentioned. 

Because of the Hogmanay Celebration that is traditional in Scotland, Edinburgh’s New Year’s Eve celebration is one of the longer celebrations that takes you on a journey, not just from the old year into the new, but through Scottish traditions you won’t find anywhere else lie the torchlight procession that kicks the whole celebration off on the 30th of December. 

Plus, Edinburgh still has the classic street parties and live concerts to keep the party rolling all through New Year’s Eve into New Year’s Day and beyond, you’re going to need your stamina for this one.  

Cape Town, South Africa

The best New Year’s Eve celebrations don’t stop in the big cities, with nightclubbing and booming crowds either. Cape Town has one of the best celebrations with some of the best natural views to match.  

Though it is not part of the celebration, we highly recommend people take a detour before the celebration begins to hop in a cable car up to Table Mountain and soak up the final sunset of the year before returning to town for the excellent fireworks display at the Waterfront (if you’d like to find out more about the great reasons to visit South Africa, check out our article). 

Dancing and live music are among the other myriad of splendours on offer in Cape Town for New Year’s, taking place in Kirstenbosch Gardens, a gorgeous place to visit all on its own and one you’ll want to come back to when the celebration is over.  

Dubai, UAE

Dubai in and of itself is a spectacular place to visit. From the architecture to the accommodation, the view, the sun, and everything in between, it is a place we would highly recommend you visit for a good holiday surrounding the New Year’s Eve celebrations.  

In saying that, Dubai is also famous for having hosted the world’s largest firework display for New Year’s Eve. As with many things, Dubai goes big and then makes it a little bigger. With the New Year’s celebration stretching across 62 miles of seafront, you won’t be short of spectacular places to view the celebrations.  

It is possibly one of the most dazzling celebrations you’ll see for New Year’s, plus, if you’re not a fan of the colder days leading into the New Year elsewhere, this is a great spot to visit.  


Though not a specific celebration, many people, local and traveller, flock to Iceland in the New Year to view the Northern Lights in one of their brightest moments. This may not be a New Year’s celebration in the sense of a party, but if you’re a traveller that loves the natural and peaceful side of the world, this is one of the best places to visit to round out a great year. 

With a gorgeous winter, untouched natural beauty, and a clear view of the Northern Lights, Iceland is one of the most spectacular places to visit in the New Year for those of you who prefer a breath-taking but a quieter introduction to the new year ahead.  

As always, we advise all travellers to check the Foreign Travel Advice page before booking a holiday to ensure you know how to prepare for your great holiday. So, if you’re looking forward to booking a fabulous holiday in the New Year, don’t forget to get in contact with a travel business registered with PTS offering 100% financial protection through trust. Or, if you’d like assistance choosing one of the lovely PTS members to book with, you can contact PTS directly at 0207 190 9988. 

And if you’d like to learn more about your consumer protection with PTS and how the Package Travel Regulations protect your holiday booking, check out our pages.

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