In the wake of recent air strikes in Yemen, the FCDO has updated its travel advice for the Middle East. The situation in Yemen has prompted a reassessment of the security and safety conditions across the region for both residents and travellers alike. The following updates from the UK government have been implemented on the Foreign Travel Advice page to support upcoming travel to the Middle East as a whole. 

This conflict in Yemen has been ongoing for several years and created ongoing concern for travellers. The recent air strikes in the region have escalated tensions and triggered a new response from the FCDO, causing the most recent travel advice. 

Key Updates for the Middle East 

  1. Travel to Yemen: The FCDO strongly advises against all travel to Yemen, due to the ongoing conflict and the high risk of further air strikes.
  2. Increased Security Measures: Across the Middle East, the FCDO recommends that travellers stay informed about local developments. Security measures, both at airports and public spaces, may be heightened in response to the situation.
  3. Live Support Options: Travellers in the Middle East are encouraged to register with the local British Embassy or Consulate. This ensures that you can receive timely updates and access support in case of emergencies.
  4. Transportation Safety: Airports and other transportation companies may implement additional security measures because of the situation, and travellers should be prepared for potential delays.

These updates will inevitably impact some travel plans to the Middle East, but that doesn’t mean you need to stress. Taking into account the latest guidance from the FCDO, travellers are advised to check bookings and get in touch with your friendly travel agent to discuss any changes needed. In the case of political unrest or emergencies, necessary amendments to your booking should be available so you can still enjoy your holiday without worrying about the impact of this situation. 

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