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Retain 100% of your commission with Live Availability on Hotels, Flights and Packages. The most profitable way to work from home, selling Travel in the UK.

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New Homeworker Travel Agent

PTS provides a solution to individuals that are looking to work from home selling travel arrangements either through social media (Facebook, Linkedin etc) or through a website.

PTS is different from all other products in the market that charge a high monthly fee, a yearly contract, only able to sell a select range of suppliers whilst giving a large percentage of your commission to the consortium.

PTS offers an affordable set up cost, low monthly fees and only charges on a per transaction basis allowing you, the individual advertising and selling the product, to retain 100% of the commission (profit) on each booking placed, all of this without a yearly contract.

Call 020 7190 9988 to discuss your business requirements.

PTS offers a completely new way for homeworkers to operate in the travel industry, we offer a comprehensive software solution that has been designed by the travel industry for Homeworkers and Travel Agents.

We do not take a percentage of your commission but charge a small transaction fee on both incoming (from consumers) and outgoing payments (to your suppliers) in doing so, this frees up both PTS and the travel professional from only dealing with a small amount of travel suppliers. You can use the live API feed on the PTS system to book, amend and confirm packages, hotels or flights at discounted agency rates (You retain 100% of the discounted rates).

You are also able to add your own suppliers from larger travel suppliers such as cruise operators to Airbnb or even a local activity supplier in Marrakesh. By using these suppliers you source yourself, you are creating your own unique packages for your customers, these suppliers will stay on your PTS system for you to use and maintain for future clients and bookings.

PTS are proud to say that we work with our members on a personal basis and build a relationship with them that is aimed at being long term as well as profitable for both parties. The services and support we offer are designed to allow you, the home based travel homeworker, to feel comfortable with the levels of support you get whilst retaining the commission you have earnt.

Whether you are an existing Homeworker or someone looking to start their own business from home advertising on Facebook, Linkedin or build your own website, then this is the best product in the market for you.

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