Business Solution For UK Inward Investment

Providing the simplest solution for inward investment in the UK

Supporting UK Inward Investment

PTS Business Department supports global companies covering a wide range of markets to enter the UK smoothly. Inward investment can prove to be challenging and PTS prides itself on ensuring a smooth transition with the best possible solution.

The PTS business model is based on an independent trust account and payment service offering both a short-term and long-term solution to International Business.

PTS is FCA registered to ensure trust and security.

The PTS International Business Solution

The PTS Business Team will work with you and your company. Our knowledge and experience by supporting Global Companies and supporting the Department for International Trade, allows us to offer an alternative entrance into the UK for Global companies.

The PTS trust account and small payment provider solution is also supported by an innovative software system that makes your business life and corporate transition into the UK as simple as possible.

PTS understand the need for a user to be able to access information, set up payments, view transaction history in a simple and easy to use system. We have developed a bespoke package designed for companies trading from both the UK and Globally.

Included in the software is the ability to set up beneficiaries (Staff, Rent, Utilities, Professional Services) and making payments out is a smooth process. Our PTS business software also reconciles your business accounts daily allowing you to see, and track, real-time figures.

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Travel Software

 Online Software Allowing You To Run Your Account Remotely.

Travel Software

Manage Beneficiaries and Payments.

Travel Software

Hold Unlimited Funds & Manage Payments Including FX at 0.25% Margin

Trust Account

Using the PTS Trust Account and software is an easy straightforward solution for companies looking for banking or regulatory management of funds. – PTS is an effective alternative, or, simply a bridge, whilst your company confirms UK residency, UK offices, and a UK Business Bank Account. Both long term and short term solutions can be arranged and we will endeavour to treat each applicant on an individual basis to ensure your needs are met.

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