User Management

The PTS Software allows you to have full control over the number of users you have and the privileges you allocate to each user.

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User Details

Edit and update User Details on the PTS Software.

Email Settings

Edit and update Email setting to link the PTS Software to an individual User.

User Privileges

Allow access to separate types of user priviliges including paying Beneficiaries.

The PTS Software allows you to control the individual users access to the Software. There is no additional cost or price scaling for the number of users you have allowing you to expand with employees whilst knowing there is no additional user costs from PTS. Each user requires their own email address, telephone number and password to gain access to your company’s database on the PTS Software. User access can be turned on and off with a simple toggle by users with the ‘Manage Users’ privilege.

Not only can you add your own users, but you can also specify the privileges that each user has access to. This allows you to control the levels of access that a user has on the PTS software. You can toggle on or off user privileges such as access to your company’s Client Itinerary settings, Claiming Profit for your bookings, Assigning credits to clients bookings, Reassigning clients to other Users, editing your company email header/footer/itinerary images stored on the PTS Software, Supplier database management, the ability to set up payments to suppliers, managing Users and many more.

The PTS software has been designed to allow you to control who and how the software should work for each user.


Who Controls the User Management?

Once you are a PTS member, you will be able to given Manager User level, this will allow you to control your companies user privileges on the Software.

Can I restrict User access?

Yes, any User with Manager User level can restrict privileges on the PTS Software.

Can I switch User access off?

Yes, as a Manager you will have the priviliege to de-activate a Users access.

If I work in travel, can I re-assign clients to other Users?

Yes, you have a capability to search client and re-assign them individually or in bulk to other users in your company if required.

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