PTS understand that from time to time you may require assistance with the Software. Our friendly staff are available to provide any support to you.

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Telephone & Email

Contact PTS via telephone or email for assistance.


Full Software training is provided once you have completed your application.

Software Help

Each page on the Software offers assistance with that particular page.

Once you have completed your training on the PTS Software, there is continual support and assistance to ensure that the software is used in the best way for you and your company. PTS understand the value of supporting our members and are available via telephone and email to assist.

Within the software there is a  ?  that will show you a description of the page and provide assistance with the functionality.


When is Support available?

Support is available to all users every working day of the week. Support outside of this can be requested.

Do I have to pay for Support?

Support is included in your membership.

Can I be request Support via screen share?

Yes, as well as telephone and email, PTS provide screen share support to show you the software and answer any questions you have.

What Do I need to book Support in?

You can book in Support if a required time to suite you is requested by a user. Alternatively you can call or email the PTS team.

Call us on 020 7190 9988 to discuss your business requirements or Contact us.

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