PTS Software Overview

PTS provide bespoke online Software that has been specifically designed for travel companies selling travel products. Whether you work alone or have employees then the PTS software has been designed and built for you.

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Software Features

Below are some of the key features for your business that are included in the PTS Software

Financial Management

Reconciliation of account



Client Management

Booking Management

Online Client Itinerary

Diary Management

API and Beneficiaries

ATOL Certificates

User Management

API Suppliers

At PTS we have built our online software specifically for travel companies of any size. Whether you work alone at home and are a home worker, a tour operator building specific travel products, a Travel Agent selling packages or a Flight only company selling just flights, then the PTS software meets all your needs.

The software can be used from the day you market your travel products, you can add your clients to the software to diarise and keep organised with your communications between you and your clients. You are not limited to the number of clients you add to the Software.

You can upload all communication between you and your clients to the Software and build and maintain your own supplier database. Once you have added a supplier to the Software, it’s there for you to manage and add to clients’ bookings forever more. There is also the option to have access to API suppliers on the PTS Software where you gain access to live availability and net rates direct from the suppliers to then be able to book with ease. You can mix and match between your own suppliers and the API suppliers so there is no restriction on the travel packages and products you can offer to your clients.

The PTS Software also builds a client itinerary for each booking you add, allowing the client to login securely to view; details of their itinerary they have booked with you, client payment due dates, payments they have made into trust, and attendee details. The client itinerary is interactive and allows the client to update attendee details and view map information on their itinerary aspects they have booked with you.

Reporting is key with the PTS Software, you can produce reports on clients and their enquiry dates, booking dates and travel dates as well as Accounting reporting on balances you hold in the different currency trust accounts. You can also run reports on when payments are due from clients and what payments are outstanding from your clients. Supplier reporting is also covered – you can run reports on turnover placed with suppliers.

If you take out Merchant Services with PTS, then each card transaction is imported into the PTS Software daily and reconciled for you against each client it relates to.

Managing your payments to suppliers could not be easier as the Software allows you to store supplier invoices and request payments to suppliers on any UK business day. Each supplier paid from trust in advance of travel is automatically covered with Supplier Failure Insurance (SFI) and the fee for the insurance is deducted from your profit, once the client has returned from their booking.

Each clients’ booking is reconciled to zero once the client has returned from their booking and the Software calculates your profit due to you.

You can also create email templates in the Software that can populate with specific client criteria and be sent to the client from the Software allowing for accurate communication with spelling and grammar pre-checked. Each email sent via the Software is saved to that specific client to keep a record of your client communication.

The PTS software has been designed and built by travel industry experts for the travel industry and comes with PTS telephone and email support along with our own tutorial videos on our YouTube Channel to assist you in growing a successful travel business.

How much does the PTS Software cost me?

The PTS Software is included with your PTS membership application fee for year one. There is an annual renewal fee of £200.00 +vat.

Do I need to install any additional program to use the PTS Software?

The PTS Software is internet based, so as long as you have an internet connection, you can access the Software.

How can I access the PTS Software?

You can access the PTS Software from any device from a Desktop PC, MAC, Laptop, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone.

How easy is the PTS Software to use?

The PTS Software has been designed and built with the user in mind. Full training is provided as well as continual support and updates.

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