Being able to perform reports on your client, beneficiary, and monetary activity is important and is included within the PTS software and fully exportable.

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Performance Data

Enabling you the ability to analyse your companys’ performance.

Beneficiary Data

Historical data stored and saved on the PTS Software allowing accurate figures.


The PTS software allows you to export your data to a mulitude of platforms.

We have included reporting as part of the PTS Software. Reporting is available to allow you to view and export transaction history for debits and credits along with historical data pertaining to individual client files.

With in the Client Reporting functionality you are able to drill down on client criteria to either their enquiry date or their travel date and specify a date range. You are able to refine the client reports and include the number of attendees within a booking, the type of client, the destination the client is travelling to, the value of the credits on each client, the client’s current status (whether they are a new enquiry, you have quoted the client, whether they have booked with you/ cancelled), and which user within your company they are currently assigned to. If a client is reassigned to another user within your company then this is also recorded on each client page.

You can also perform Supplier Reporting searches on your suppliers you have added to clients on the PTS Software. The report results allows you to drill down on the clients that the suppliers were added to, the date that the supplier provided the event/activity/flight/accommodation for the client, the location of the supplier, the number of attendees the supplier was booked for, the total value and currency you received from the client for their booking and the user that booked the supplier.

Supplier Reporting is a great tool within the PTS Software to allow you and your company to analyse the suppliers you are using and the frequency you use them, which can be great data to have to move forward with possible price negotiation from your suppliers.

A complete overview of your business is available through the Reporting functionality on the PTS Software allowing for a detailed forecast projections.


What would I use the Report function for?

When trading, it is often required to view historical data for cost analysis and forward projections.

How easy is the Software's Reporting function?

The Reporting function is simple and easy to use with options including Date ranges, Currencies and Beneficiaries.

How do I export my data?

A simple clickable export function is used to export your data into numerous external programs including Microsoft Excel.

Who has access to my Reporting?

PTS Software user levels specifies who can access your Reports. These levels are set and manged by you.

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