Receive your Profit payments from the Trust Account automatically with the PTS Software.

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Receive Profit

Profit paid to you automatically once your client has returned from their booking.

In Advance of Travel

With our Insurance policy in place, receive your profit in advance of the client’s travel date.


Date driven automated profit calculated for you within the PTS Software.

As the information relating to your bookings is already stored on the PTS Software, you will be able to monitor and view money received and funds paid out to suppliers. This will give you a sub-total showing your profit on each booking. It is unique within PTS that you do not have to provide additional paperwork confirming transactions in and out of trust, therefore claiming your profit remittance could not be simpler.

You are also able to claim profit in advance of the clients’ travel date as this is covered under the insurance policy PTS has in place for you.


When can I get my profit?

You can receive your profit on bookings upto one month in advance of the clients’ travel date.

Where can I ask PTS to pay my profit?

PTS pay your profit into your business account in your companys’ name.

Can I decided when to claim my profit?

Yes, on the PTS Software you can decide what bookings to receive profit remittance payments for and when.

Can I manage the profit due to me?

Yes, you can either claim profit prior to travel or automatically have your profit paid when the booking has completed.

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