The software is reconciled daily against transactions reflecting on the PTS Trust Accounts.

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Cost Saving

No need to pay an Accountant to reconcile your account.

Time Saving

Concentrate on running your business whilst knowing where you are financially.


Importing transaction information directly from the Trust account for complete accuracy.

PTS perform a daily reconciliation on all trust accounts to provide the PTS software with a mirrored version of transactions. The daily reconciliation allows you to monitor debit and credit transactions in the most accurate environment. This also allows you to pay money from the trust account in the most timely fashion without the need for book keepers or accountants costs.

The daily reconciliation is monitored by independent trustee’s for your further financial security.


How often is my trust account reconciled?

This is performed daily by 10.00am GMT with all transactions, both debit and credit, reflected on the PTS software.

Who performs the reconciliation?

The PTS administrators perform the reconciliation for you on a daily basis.

Why do I need to reconcile my account?

Completing a daily reconciliation is essential to ensure the accurate reflection of where your business is financially.

How accurate is the reconciliation?

The trust account reconciliation is 100% accurate as all transactions are imported directly from the trust account and audited by independent trustees.

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