Import Your Enquiries

You can import your client’s enquiry details directly from your website into the PTS software allowing for assigning.

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Time Saving

Saves the manual addition of client details to the PTS Software.


Client information is as processed by the client when enquiring with you online.


Real-time client details when they enquire online, this appears directly in the PTS Software.

When trading within the travel industry it is important to be first to contact a client (ideally whilst they are still on your website). Having client details appear directly and immediately into the PTS Software allows a manager to assign these clients in a timely manner.

Having information directly input into the PTS Software allows for an accurate representation of the information from your client.


How do I set up to Import my website enquiries?

You will be provided with some easy to use slot-in website code to copy your enquiries into the PTS Software.

How quickly do my enquiries appear in the PTS Software?

Enquiries appear in real-time in the PTS Software, the minute the enquiry is generated on your website, the client details will be in the Software.

Can I assign enquiries within the PTS Software?

Yes, any user allocated with the ‘assigning’ privilege can assign new enquiries to users on the PTS Software.

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