Financial Management

Control all transactions through the trust account on easy to use online software.

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PTS Reconcile your transactions each working day for You.


View all transactions in one easy to use system allowing for complete transparency.


The PTS software gives you a complete overview of your finances.

The PTS software has been designed specifically to give the user a complete overview as well as control on how you choose to administer your funds held in trust. Within the software’s financial section, setting up a payment to beneficiaries is an easy straightforward process and takes a couple of minutes.

The software can be accessed by anywhere you have an internet connection and no downloads required.


When can I see my transactions on the PTS software?

All transactions are imported into the PTS software each UK working day for you to see.

How can I pay my Beneficiaries?

Paying a Beneficiary could not be easier with PTS. The software works as a standard bank account allowing you to upload invoices and schedule debits.

Can I add my own Beneficiaries?

Yes, you can add and manage your own beneficiaries and add them to the PTS software.

What currencies can I transact in?

Yes, PTS have multiple currency trust accounts and are able to set payments up to pay beneficiaries in the required currency.

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