Client Itinerary

If you are a Travel company then your clients can log in securely and view their booking information linked to the PTS software.

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Booking Information

Clients can view a summary as well as individual aspects of their travel arrangements.

Client Payments

The payment schedule and funds received for the client.

Passenger Information

Clients can manage the attendee’s on their booking in a live environment.

The PTS software allows you to provide live information that is accessible to the client via a bespoke interactive itinerary. This will provide information that is already shown on the Client Management section of the software and is required information to be passed to the client for their travel arrangements, for example; Hotel address or flight details.

The client itinerary can be used for single passengers or group bookings depending on the members’ travel sector.


Can I personalise the client itinerary?

Yes, your company contact details, PTS membership number and company logo are displayed on the client itinerary.

What information is displayed on the client itinerary?

Full client itinerary details are displayed including travel aspects, attendee’s, payment schedules and pricing.

How is the client itinerary linked to the PTS Software?

The Client Itinerary mirrors information stored on the Client Management sector of the PTS Software and updates the itinerary in real time.

How do my clients access their itinerary?

The client is sent a secure username and password login details for their online itinerary, these credentials are generated by the PTS Software.

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