ATOL Certificates

If you are providing flights either as a stand alone product or as part of a package, then you will need to provide an ATOL certificate to your client.

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Client Protection

Selling flights to your clients requires financial protection. This is provided with the PTS Software.


Each flight booking requires an ATOL certificate. These are downloadable for each client with the Software.


The PTS Software allows you to manage your ATOL and will auto-populate your ATOL certificates.

When you are providing ATOL bonded products you are required by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to give each client a certificate showing their flight details (and/ or entire packaged elements) that are covered by your ATOL

The PTS Software auto-populates certificates whether it is a flight only package purchases as an agent or a bespoke tour with the details on the client management section of the Software.


How can the PTS Software assist me with ATOL?

The PTS Software has been designed to make your business easier to run and produces all necessary information for ATOL.

Why do I need an ATOL certificate?

You need to provide an ATOL certificate for each client that you book a flight for.

How can I create an ATOL certificate?

With the PTS Software creating an ATOL certificate is easy as there is a template that auto-populates with client details.

When do I need to provide my client with their ATOL certificate?

The law says you should be given a certificate to show you are covered as soon as you have booked and paid any money towards a holiday or flight.

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