Booking Management

Manage your client bookings with your own suppliers or API database.


PTS Reconcile your transactions each working day for You.


View all transactions in one easy to use system allowing for complete transparency.


The PTS software gives you a complete overview of your finances.

The PTS software has been designed specifically to give you complete control over the suppliers you add to each booking you build for your clients.

Whether you manage and maintain your own unique supplier database on the PTS Software or you access the API Suppliers with net rates, or you choose you use a combination of both, using the Booking Management section of the PTS Software will be ideal for you. You can build the clients’ booking internally on the Software, which in turn has multiple functions as this also build the client itinerary and allows you to set up supplier payments to your suppliers.

You can add any supplier you work with to the PTS Software and then select these suppliers to add to any booking. Once a supplier has been added to a booking, you can then set up a supplier payment to the supplier and schedule a date to make a supplier payment to your supplier in a few easy steps as well as uploading the corresponding supplier invoice(s). Once a supplier payment has been added to a booking, you can monitor the payment and the Booking page is updated once the payment has been made, along with any details of an exchange rate used if the payment to the supplier is in a different currency to that held for the specific client.

The Booking Management page also allows you to control which supplier information is displayed on the client itinerary allowing either a filtered view or full view of the supplier including contact details and Google Mapping technology.

The PTS Software can be accessed by anywhere you have an internet connection and no downloads required.