ATOL Certificates

If you are providing flights either as a stand alone product or as part of a package, then you will need to provide an ATOL certificate to your client.

Client Protection

Selling flights to your clients requires financial protection. This is provided with the PTS Software.


Each flight booking requires an ATOL certificate. These are downloadable for each client with the Software.


The PTS Software allows you to manage your ATOL and will auto-populate your ATOL certificates.

When you are providing ATOL bonded products you are required by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to give each client an ATOL certificate showing their flight details which is to include the entire package that is covered by the ATOL.

The PTS Software has the ATOL certificate templates built in. This allows you to populate ATOL certificates for your clients with the correct details of what is covered with the ATOL protection. Whether it is a flight only package purchased as an agent or a bespoke tour with the full details on the Booking Management section of the Software, the ATOL certificates can be produced with ease and sent to your clients.

You can save a copy of each clients’ ATOL certificate to the PTS Software so all client information and files are stored online in easy to access place for all your users to be able to view and download anywhere they have an internet connected device.

You can apply for your own ATOL with PTS membership, please see our page on ATOL for further information and a short video on how it works.