Protected Trust Services – The New Solution in Travel Business Software

Protected Trust Services has developed and launched an innovative and market-leading software solution to enable travel businesses to run more efficiently and profitably.

At PTS, we are committed to enabling our members to be individual and independent. To fully empower our members we invested in developing a software system that exceeds any other in the market.


PTSΒ develop to ensure simplicity and speed for all our members. We consistently invest and develop our software solution to enhance each PTS members experience and ability.

The full range of software features currently includes the following areas.

Financial Management

You get to control transactions in and out of the different currency trust accounts


Your client money held in trust is reconciled on a daily basis and reflected on the PTS Software


PTS software produces full exportable reports on your client, beneficiary, and monetary activity

User Management

The PTS Software gives you full control over the number of users and the privileges they are assigned

Client Management

Our bespoke software is designed to lower your time on client administration and make business easy!

Client Itinerary

Your clients can log in securely and view their booking information linked to the PTS software

Booking Management

Manage your client bookings with your own suppliers or utilise our API supplier database

Diary Management

Manage your clients and set Diary reminders for both yourself, or for other software users

Travel Trade Supplier Database

Utilise our global database of travel suppliers, or add your own to the database for future use


How to claim and receive your profit payments from the Trust Account with the PTS Software

ATOL Certificates

If you are providing flights, then you will need to provide an ATOL certificate to your client.

Software Support

PTS understand that from time to time you may require assistance with the PTS Software.

Contact Us

We are always available for a welcome consultation to discuss any questions or queries you may have.

EmailΒ ask@protectedtrustservices.comΒ or call 0207 190 9988 to have a chat with our friendly team

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