Global Payments

Global Payments work in partnership with PTS to offer individual merchant facility solutions to PTS members. Merchant facilities are a challenge for all travel companies to secure. The travel industry is considered high risk by the financial sector due to the risk of chargeback and fraud.

Many tour operators and travel agents join PTS to benefit from the highly competitive rates PTS secure for all members. Enabling our members to open both MOTO and Ecomm merchant facilities is a pivotal service alongside our smart solution for travel firms. We understand obtaining merchant facilities is of utmost importance.

The PTS compliance team will manage each member’s application and 99% of PTS members are successful.

Global Payments offer PTS members competitive card charge rates from only 1.0%-1.3% on credit cards and between 0.25% and 0.35% on debit cards. When you compare these rates against the online solutions such as PayPal and Stripe the costs savings are incredible. Card charges are a serious consideration for any travel firm since the changes in The Payment Services Regulations in January 2018 – all card charges must be absorbed by the company and cannot be charged to the consumer.

Global Payments charge a minimal monthly fee of just £25 a month for as many merchant numbers as you require in all popular currencies.

Global Payments is a world leader in offering payment solutions for both EComm and MOTO.

“Service. Driven. Commerce”

Global Payments

“…Global Payments have been working with PTS for many years providing merchant accounts for PTS members so they can take card payments from their clients’ and have the money deposited directly into trust….”

Global Payments