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Package Travel Regulation Compliance

Package Travel Regulation compliance is a legal requirement in accordance with The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations of 1992.

A package means the pre-arranged combination of at least two elements, accommodation, transports or other tourist services accounting for a significant part of the trip. A package will be offered for sale at an inclusive price and the service is either over 24hours or includes an overnight accommodation.

To be clear, if a bespoke trip is put together at the request of the client this does not lead to the tour not being a package. Furthermore, separate accounts for each element does not mean it is not a package that has been sold.

If you are planning to sell a trip including flights then you will need an ATOL – Air Travel Organisers’ License. These are offered through the CAA or through an ATOL Franchise such as ourselves at PTS. For further information do take a look at our blog – What Is An ATOL?

Any air holiday tour operator or travel agent must supply their clients with an ATOL certificate and certain other documentation before, during and after the sale.

Package Travel Regulations Compliance

All Protected Trust Services members are fully Package Travel Regulation compliant and trade through the PTS trust account and insurance model.

PTR compliance means that you as a travel company ensure that client monies are fully protected. This will become even more strict once the new Package Travel Directive comes into play on July 1st, 2018.

Any travel company can ensure complete Package Travel Regulation compliance through either bonding, insurance or trust account. Bonding is an incredibly expensive option, insurance is generally case dependant where as trust account is more cost effective for any travel company.

All Protected Trust Members Are Fully Package Travel Regulation Compliant

PTS specialises in Package Travel Regulation Compliance and offers an affordable, easily managed solution with merchant services and software included making Package Travel Regulation compliance simple.

For further Information on Package Travel Regulation Compliance take a look at the Government Document

If you would like to discuss this further or for any other questions then please contact PTS on 020 7190 9988 or email – ask@protectedtrustservices.com