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New Press Article – Travel Weekly – How The PTS Model Is Opening New Opportunities For Independent Travel Agents

Over the past year, since PTS opened up their model to offer an incredible solution for travel agencies and experienced travel professionals we have seen some fantastic success stories. The biggest challenge we have discovered is that we find that we are such a new concept in the travel trade that many travel agents find our solution difficult to understand. Or, arguably, find it difficult to believe it is even possible. For those agents who understood the PTS mission and joined, we are thrilled to see they have gone on to thrive. Many are now doubling their commission and profit margins and are most importantly, totally independent.


At PTS our mission was to enable experienced travel professionals to build a business that is successful, independent and profitable. All PTS members can work with their own suppliers and DMCs alongside having full access to the PTS supplier list. PTS do not limit any travel business.

Furthermore, the PTS solution protects the consumer, you and your business and the suppliers. After the most recent Thomas Cook collapse a 360 degree solution is needed more than ever  and we are proud to offer this solution at PTS.

Last Friday Travel Weekly released an interview in the “Your Stories” section with Rachel Garnish from RG Travel. Rachel moved from a leading UK consortium to the Protected Trust Services Model and her interview truly explains the benefits of joining PTS.

Here is a link to the article so you can enjoy a better understanding – Travel Weekly – Your Stories – “My Commission has Nearly Doubled”


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