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How To Avoid Holiday Scams – Daily Express Article – PTS Expert Advice

Daniel Landen, MD of Protected Trust Services gave expert advice to The Daily Express to advise consumers on how to avoid holiday scams. This article concentrates on booking holiday villas and as holidays are considered a “big ticket” item there are many fraudsters online that consumers need to be wary of.  There are simple checks that can save consumers fortunes – Daniel Landen outlines some tips to help travellers enjoy their holiday and rest easy.

Holiday Villa and holiday home rentals are highly sought after and a very popular choice for families, friends, groups and indeed a plethora of UK travellers. There are some phenomenal holiday villa websites that allow great choice and an easy vehicle to book holidays.

How To Avoid Holiday Scams

Daniel Landen gives a variety of tips for consumers to make sure they are not being scammed. Here is a highlight of some of the pointers:

  • Do NOT ever pay by BACS or bank transfer. Only pay with credit cards and secure, protected payment methods.
  • Always call and speak to a human being. Do NOT rely on email.
  • Ask the person you are making the booking with lots of questions about information only a person who knew the venue would know – wifi, local area, distance from airport, best restaurants, hidden gems in the area.
  • If the price is significantly cheaper than any other option you have seen then it is inevitably a con. Ask yourself, ” Why would they be so much cheaper” This is a real fraud trick – the consumer thinks they have a deal and books quickly.
  • Google maps the venue you are looking at – does it exist? Is it of the standard you have been sold?
  • Follow your gut. – your instincts are generally right. Does it seem to good to be true?
  • Google reviews on the venue you are looking for.
  • Ask how your money is protected? Are they a member of Protected Trust Services.

Consumer Protection In Travel

Consumer protection in travel is now very clear for package holidays. However, when you are simply booking one thing, such as a villa, the company does not need to be protected. However, once there is more than one element, i.e. – a villa and a transfer, or a villa and a chef, booked together with the same company you are then protected under Package Travel Regulations.

If you are ever concerned about whether you are protected, ask the company who they use for consumer protection. Then, ask for their membership number and call the protection company, such as Protected Trust Services to check for yourself. A two-minute check could save you thousands.

To read the full article in The Daily Express on April 21st – take a look – Holiday Scams – Do This To Avoid Being Caught Out When Booking A Holiday 


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