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Holiday Money Safety


Many unsuspecting consumers do believe that when the book a holiday their money is safe. Why wouldn’t you believe that?

Well, the sad truth in today’s travel market is that travel fraud has increased by 450%. It is an easy industry to defraud consumers and unfortunately this can be taken advantage of.
In the not too distant past, it was the norm for the general public to go to a high street travel agent, or just book your package holiday with the top 10 companies in the industry.
Today, the travel industry has evolved, which has created a beautiful plethora of opportunities for far reaching places to become accessible to general Joe Bloggs. Many small niche tour operators and travel agents have come to market offering specialised accommodation, tour packages, and bespoke, affordable packages that were not so easily available, even ten years ago.

The internet has allowed the travel industry to grow at the rate of knots, and has allowed the Globe to become a very small place with every corner of The World being accessible through travel. It’s a wonderful revolution in travel but consumers must understand that when dealing with small companies, or big companies such as AirBnB, you must ask some very simple questions to ensure your monies are safe.

  • Ask if the company is a member of a consumer travel protection plan?

Protected Travel Services, PTS

Travel Trust Association, TTA



Hays Travel

Advantage Travel

This list is not exhaustive but arguably covers the most popular names you would see in the industry. If details of another company are given to you then Google them or call one of the above companies to check whether your monies are safe.

  • Ask whether the company has a client account or insurance in place to protect your monies? Some travel companies will run their own client account and have an insurance model in place to protect your money.
  • Google the company you are looking to book with.

Search the internet and social media channels for the company you are looking to book with. Generally, good feedback and reviews for a company are a brilliant indicator. Poor reviews will also be an indicator. Other consumers’ feedback is a powerful tool for you to follow.

  • Ask to speak to someone – don’t just email.

The good old fashioned way of speaking to someone is still the best way to ensure peace of mind.  Do you trust the person you are booking with?

5)   The good old fashioned saying – “It’s too good to be true” is absolutely true. If you see a flight, or holiday, for £300+ everywhere and then you find a site that sells it for £100, this is inevitably too good to be true. It could be fraudulent. Ask yourself – “ How does this company supply it at such a low cost when everyone else is more expensive?”

Gut feeling is still very powerful. If something doesn’t seem right? Or, someone fibs to you about an element of your trip then it would be advisable not to book with that company.
Protected Travel Services is the specialist in consumer protection within travel. If you are unsure, do call one of our team.

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